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Wingspan is a collection of blog articles that spotlight the relationships, programs, and values that bring the Brentwood Academy mission to life.

Medicine and Leadership at Vanderbilt

October 15 , 2018
This past summer, I had the incredible experience of attending the National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine and Health Care at Vanderbilt University. I spent nine days in the freshman dorms with people from all over the country who share the same interests as me. I went into this experience expecting to observe the work of doctors, and to attend leadership seminars, but this experience...

Youth In Government

April 24 , 2018
If you were in downtown Nashville at some point from April 12 to 15, you might have spotted groups of inexplicably well-dressed high-schoolers, walking to the capitol while discussing some political or legal issue. The occasion for this unusual sight was the 2018 YMCA Youth Legislature Volunteer Conference, an annual event that brings hundreds of students from across the State of Tennessee to...